Sunday, 23 October 2016

Crisp Mornings And Spooky Nights

With a little over a week to go before Halloween, it's certainly feeling quite festive around here. Pumpkins scattered in front of stores, dew-dripped cobwebs draped over almost every surface, early morning mists and clowns...let's not talk about the clowns *shudders*.

The crisp autumn mornings call for steaming mugs of cinnamon tea, laced with honey and with a splash of fresh almond milk for a comforting brew. I've been bundled up in cloud like robes, enjoying early Lush baths (the autumn leaf bath bomb is divine!) and marvelled at the rainbows and light dances in my home as the tree's whip wildly in the biting breeze and multicoloured leaves drift past the window panes.

The evening's are spent wrapped up in blankets, reading by candlelight and indulging in Halloween treats. I've revelled at the return of vampy make up and splurged on glittering rose gold eyeshadows, stocked up on Lush treats and filled my home with festive decor!

My shelves are decorated with pumpkins, candles and my beloved Quiddich Harry. The West Elm brass Love object and rifle paper co print aren't really too fitting for Halloween but I thought they looked cute nonetheless!

With plans to carve pumpkins so that they can flicker eerily on our balcony, re-watch stranger things and bake butterscream cupcakes this week, I'm really looking forward to Halloween!


Friday, 21 October 2016

Taking Photos In Autumn & Winter

taking photos in winter tips
Autumn/Winter is actually my favourite time of the year to take photographs. It can be hard chasing the light and the darker evenings are a pain when inspiration hits and there's no natural light left to shoot, but for me, nothing compares to the soft light that cloudy winter days bring! 
Here's a few tips and tricks that help me to make the most of the light on Autumn/Winter days..

Learn the time of day that gives you the best light - this can be quite a personal thing as it depends which way your home faces. I like to take note of where the sun is at my favourite time to shoot and then alter the time accordingly throughout the seasons. For me now, the light is best in my home at around 11am-1pm, whereas in summer it's normally 2pm onwards. If you can bulk shoot at these times, it can help to keep your photo quality consistent!

Work with the weather
Light grey cloud filled or foggy day's are my favourite to shoot on (just not dark, gloomy rainy clouds!). Bright, clear skies/sunny days are ideal for interior shots, but can be a little harsh for flatlays. I find that sunny days can also sometimes be a little temperamental, add scattered clouds and gusts of wind and it can be a nightmare waiting for the right light! 

Plan ahead
I believe that it's so important to be organised in Autumn/Winter for good photo quality. Check the weather for the best times to shoot, plan out and jot down which products you need to include in your flatlays and if inspiration does hit of a dark evening, lay out your products roughly and take a quick phone snap so that you can quickly set up the next day! Knowing your layouts can really help for bulk shooting - you can spend less time sorting (and loosing precious daylight hours) and more time taking pics!

Invest in a reflector, or diy one like I have! It's ideal for bouncing the light back and minimising shadows. I also like to use white surfaces or have light and airy backgrounds like marble, soft blankets or fluffy throws to keep things bright! 

A little editing can go a long way in autumn and winter, I like to tweak and adjust on Pixelmator to brighten up my images. Usually I use the curves tool to lighten, I sometimes alter the contrast, remove some of the blue tones (if needed) and sharpen the image for the finishing touch. 

I hope these help!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

My Go-To Autumn Eyeshadows

rose gold eyeshadows
As the harsh, colder weather has started to settle in I've been reaching for shimmery, autumnal shades to wear. Burnished bronzes, warm coppers, champagne golds and rusts have become part of my daily make up picks - I just love pairing a soft smoky eye, a wash of dreamy rose gold or shimmery champagnes with a berry lip!

I always pull out my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette around this time of the year, with dreamy soft pinks, mauves and shimmery rose golds it's ideal, perfect to carry you through to the December party season too! The buttery smooth texture of the eyeshadows in this heavenly eyeshadow palette makes them effortless to work with, they blend like a dream and last well on the eyes. 

The cult Stila eyeshadow in Kitten is a saviour for brightening tired eyes. I use this as a highlight for the inner corner, brow bone and blended on the centre of the lids, or even just brushed over the entire lid for a shimmery eye. It's such a pretty champagne nude shade that's so versatile, I love wearing it dusted over cheekbones as a highlighter too!

One of my favourite eyeshadows Nars Outer Limits (affordable dupe here!) is a dreamy, sparkly iridescent rose gold. The peach toned base with flecks of pink and gold glitter running through it means that you can simply wash this mesmerising pick over the lids or pat on lightly to give an effortless shimmery eye with a rose gold sheen. 

I'm so smitten with the new Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Jubilance, although this looks like a burnished bronze in the pot, it translates to a divine metallic rose gold with silvery sparkles. Despite the fine glitter particles, it has a buttery texture, applies with little fallout and has a beautiful colour pay off - it's so flattering on!

Lastly, MAC Honey Lust is a gorgeous peachy bronze hue with a hint of sparkle. This dreamy pick looks pretty paired with fluttery lashes and a vampy lipstick!

What are your go-to shades for autumn?

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumn Dressing Table

As you can probably see, I've been getting into the Halloween spirit quite early this year! I normally throw up a few decorations on the week of Halloween but with an upcoming move on the horizon I'm enjoying the decorations before they have to be tidied up and packed away.
I bought the cute gold Trick or Treat banner for a steal from paperchase in the summer sales (they're available now here), I cut mine to size before hanging it above my dressing area - I love the way it looks!

I've also planted a few diptyque candles atop my dressing table, they look beautiful flickering in the low autumn morning light and help to brighten up the space. Pomander is a favourite, with orange, cinnamon and clove it's ideal for frosty autumn mornings!

For beauty, I'm still so drawn to blush and gold's but I've also added burgundy tones, berries and hints of copper for autumn. 
The Nars blush in Dolce Vita is a beautiful pigmented berry red blusher that packs a punch, you only need a small amount for rosy, flush cheeks!
I'm all about dewy skin this autumn and the Topshop Glow in Polish is a heavenly pick - it's a gorgeous iridescent highlighter, the pearl pink/peach tones lift the complexion and give a divine, luminous glow. 

My eyes are made festive with a smudge of purple along the lower lash line, ideal for the lead up to Halloween. Or, for an every day pick the silvery, sparkly rose gold tones of the Illamasqua eyeshadow in Jubilance brightens up tired eyes and looks unreal paired with a berry lip!

Lastly, I've pulled out my favourite nail polish picks for this time of the year, Essie Sole Mate, a glossy vampy berry is an autumn staple and Essie Summit of Style is a gorgeous bronze glittery pick, ideal for an accent nail! 

What do you think of my autumn set up?

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A Halloween Wishlist

With just over a couple of weeks until Halloween, the shops have flooded with spooky, festive buys. Although my plans on Halloween normally consist of pumpkin carving, baking and a film or two in Halloween pyjamas, I like to sport a vampy lip, cute tee or lbd leading up to the occasion! Here's a round up of some of my favourite picks - I just love the cute cat ear headbands, the tulle skirt and the Lazy Bones Pyjamas!
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