Sunday, 22 January 2017

Making A New House Feel Like Home

I've moved house a fair few times throughout the years, I think this is possibly my twelfth home now! The last move being in November, we moved into a brand new apartment, I was so excited at the prospect of everything being fresh, airy and new, with all white walls, an office and fluffy grey carpets... 
I didn't quite expect things to feel (and be!) quite so cold. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love having white walls, but they can be quite flat and uninviting - not really cosy or homely, especially if they're blue toned. Normally after a move things for me usually tend to just fall into place and feel like home in the end, this time I really had to work to make things feel cosy and like home.
Here's a few things I focused on to make things feel a little more homely, ideal if you just want to switch up your home too!

Add Greenery
Not only will adding plants help to improve indoor air quality, they really bring a place to life too! Cacti and Succulents are great no fuss plants to have around the home, perfect for adding a pop of colour with fresh bursts of green in every room!
Fresh blooms are always a good idea when trying to feel at home, I'm obsessed with buying cheap bunches of pink tulips at the moment, they instantly bring life, vibrance and brighten up the home.

Put Your Faves On Display
Fill the home with your favourite things - whether it's arranging a shelf with pieces from a hobby that you love, piling and stacking books or putting ornaments, trinkets or crystals on display. Make sure that there's something that you love out in every room, several things if you can! That way, when you go to grab a great read, or pick up a calligraphy pen or knitting needles, you discover new nooks and spaces for reading and doing the things that you love.

Light Candles 
If you've just moved, I wouldn't opt to light a brand new candle straight away, instead, choose an old favourite, a familiar scent that's stuck with you for years or that reminds you of home. Diptyque Baies ticks those boxes for me, a heavenly scent with delicate rose and fresh blackcurrant leaves, the warmth and depth feels like my home at spring to me, it's just so appealing!

Set Up Areas In Similar Ways To Recreate That Feeling Of Home
My dressing table is pretty much the same set up as in my last home, everything's just how I like it and it feels familiar - like home. Whether it's styling your shelves, bedside table or setting up your kitchen in way that you know, settle in and then make any necessary changes later on!

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A Recuperative Lush Haul

As my autumn supplies were starting to dwindle, I popped into Lush to pick up some new treats for the new year. It's become something of a yearly tradition for me to have a Lush spree in January, along with eating a little better and slowly introducing exercise again, I like to pamper, sooth and preen my skin to get back on track and start the new year a-fresh. January's wintry days are also the ideal time to restore and recharge, a long hot bath is a welcome treat if you're feeling under the weather!

I made the switch to these handy shampoo bars last year to give my tired scalp and tresses a break. You use the bubbles to wash rather than applying the product directly to your scalp, which is gentler on your skin. They're environmentally friendly (no packaging!) and long lasting too - a real find! The Honey I Washed My Hair bar is a heavenly scented, toffee sweet pick, enriched with honey to nourish and uplifting orange and bergamot oils to cleanse and refresh the hair. I really recommend picking up the tin - to keep it dry in-between washes so that it lasts longer, it's great for travelling too!

I just adore this magical, iridescent bubble bar! Unicorn Horn is a gorgeous, ethereal pick that creates clouds of shimmering bubbles and a dreamy watermelon pink bath to melt into - bliss! With relaxing lavender and uplifting neroli to make you feel cheery, it's the perfect pick me up.

A January must-have, this divine blackcurrant and vanilla bath-time treat envelops you in blankets of comforting pink bubbles. The bright yet comforting aroma is uplifting and warming, a mood-boosting treat on cold winter days. You only need to crumble a small chunk under running water for a dreamy bath, a little goes a long way!

I couldn't resist this skin nourishing treat. I'm hoping that this will help to rescue my parched winter skin - with soothing sandalwood oil, moisturising shea butter and deliciously fragrant vanilla it sounds so lovely! I'm actually planning on chopping this in half to make it last little longer, it's ideal for those days when it's just too cold to apply body lotion after a bath!

What do you think of my picks? 

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Tackling The Winter Blues

Around this time of the year, the bitterly cold days tend to dampen spirits and Christmas seems a mere memory as everything falls back into routine. You probably know by now, I actually love autumn and winter and tend to feel blue in summer instead, here's a few ways that I stay happy during the frozen winter months!

Stay Cosy & Warm
Winter is for nesting, hibernating under blanket forts with hot spiced tea laced with honey. Hot water bottles are a must, ideal to tuck under your sheets to keep you toasty at night!
Take long Lush baths and hang button up pyjamas on the radiatiors to stay snug, dressing gowns are ideal too - I practically live in this one! Enjoy candles, cute thermal socks and crackling fires to keep warm and cosy!

Embrace Winter
It's easy to get excited about the prospect of a new season (I'm so looking forward to fresh blooms, pastels and mini eggs!) but don't banish winter comforts just yet. Keep fairylights out, drink hot chocolates, burn scented candles and build up a good repertoire of comforting, healthy dishes (I love Jess's vegan picks here). If it's snowing, bundle up in layers, head outside and look up - it's magical! Frost bitten mornings present incredible photo opportunities, take advantage of crisp sunny days too, to top up on vitamin d!

Buy A Cute New Notebook.
To write down your plans, hopes, goals or dreams. I love to write lists - of books to buy, new releases to look forward to, gratitude lists or of course, shopping lists! These Fantastic Beasts Notebooks are adorable, gorgeous little books for noting down snippets and ideas!

Fresh Air
Simply stepping outside on a winter's morning to watch the sunrise is enough to lift your spirits! Watch the sparkling frost as the sun rises - just make sure to keep warm! Pop out to pick up a bunch of fresh flowers, gaze at the stars or head out in the whirlwind of snow flurries on snowy days.

Something New
Treat yourself to something new, it could be as simple as a fresh new mani or new herbal tea. Start a new hobby - try knitting (really want to make a giant chunky knitted blanket!), flower pressing or try your hand at calligraphy. Or, indulge in a little online shopping, have an Asos spree, (how cute is this ruffle top!) buy some new homeware or make a lil Topshop order, I love this pretty blush jumper!

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How do you stay happy in January?

Friday, 13 January 2017

A New Year Home Wishlist

There's something about a new year that makes me want to freshen up and re-vamp my home. Brighter hues are already trickling into stores and I'm planning to update my decor, adding delicate soft pieces, throws, cushions and investing in new furniture!

I've been on the look out for a few kitchen bits - a utensil holder and some new tea-towels. I recently picked up this adorable pot holder from Anthropologie, I think it'll be ideal for lifting hot pan lids, it's gorgeous, a lovely addition to our kitchen!
I love these Anthropologie Mirmin mugs too, they're the perfect size, with a good sturdy handle to match - they're so beautiful! I'm just missing the mint one now! Our kitchen is nearly finished, I just have a few more tweaks and changes I'd like to make!

Lastly, I really need a rug to place on our cold floorboards, I adore the look of this spotty one!
Here are my home picks for the new year...


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A Restful Winter Weekend Routine

The Christmas decorations are down, there's a general slump and gloomy feel as sleet mixed rain lashes at the windows, hard winter frosts vein through the streets and icy draughts nip at your skin. Bundled up in a squashy, soft dressing gown with candles lit, a mug of tea and slippered feet, a restful wintry routine is a welcome treat on the harsh winter weekends. 

After hopping into a hot bath laced with Lush treats (the Lush uplifting Unicorn Horn is a dream!) I like to pamper and prep my skin, taking care to exfoliate and inject a little moisture back in.
I have an effortless 2-step skincare routine for lazy at home pamper days, starting with the Oskia Renaissance Cleanser, a gorgeous gel cleanser that melts into a silky oil as you massage it into your skin. When you add a little water, the oil emulsifies and turns milky whilst the cleansing pumpkin enzymes and restoring vitamins soften the skin. My skin just loves this heavenly cleanser, especially in winter! Next up, I take a few drops of the nourishing, rosehip Pai BioRegenerate Oil and work this into my skin. It's heavenly paired with a facial roller, they work so well to combat lacklustre skin!

The last step in my pampering line up is to take care of my hands and nails - The Lush Coconut Hand Scrub combines sea salt, Argan oil and coconut oil to leave hands silky soft. I then paint on a slick of Essie Eternal Optimist or Essie Ballet Slippers (pictured above) for a fresh new years mani!

It's always such a treat to have candles flickering around the home. They bring light and warmth - much needed during the dark winter days! The mini Diptyque Ambre is a gorgeous pick, a comforting earthy and warm scent, slightly woody with spices and sweet tonka beans. There's also a delicious hint of masculinity about it too - it's divine!

Settling down with a book
Once pampered and preened and with candles lit, I usually flip open a book and get lost for hours. Along with re-reading Harry Potter (I'm currently re-reading The Order Of The Pheonix!), I've been devouring the Throne Of Glass Series, it's one that I just don't want to put down - it has me hooked! I find myself often flicking through Deliciously Ella's cookbooks too, this is next on my to make list (from the Deliciously Ella Everyday Book) it looks incredible! 

Fresh pyjamas and bedding.
This winter I've upped my loungewear game. I'm happiest when wrapped up, at home, a cosy ball of comfort in a fluffy, soft robe and a pair of button up pyjamas. I've invested in luxe, lasting pieces that are a dream to climb into on cold wintry weekends. These (half price) polka dot pyjamas are my latest find, along with this snug dressing gown!
Weekends are also the ideal time to lay fresh bedding. I'm still on the hunt for a billowy, soft set, I've just splurged on these adorable chevron John Lewis pillowcases, I have my eye on this gorgeous H&M Bed Linen set too.

Organising the home
With the absence of the festive decor, I've taken to sorting and rearranging my belongings at the weekend to shake things up a little and to try to create a pretty, comfortable space. By looking at what we've got, what we're missing and having a little spring clean I hope to have our apartment feeling more like home in no time - I've also pulled back out The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying to help me along the way!

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